An overview of games I’ve worked on.


PC, Switch, PS5, Xbox Series, iOS, Android – Mipumi Games, 2023
Howl is a turn-based tactical folktale set in a world of living ink. Rid the lands of the beastly plague using your weapons and your wits, planning every move up to six steps in advance. Published by astragon Entertainment. I was a producer on this project, managing the development process from conception to launch.

Looking Good

Android, VR – Dopavision & Mipumi Games, 2022
MyopiaX is a VR app that provides an intervention to impact the progression of myopia in children and adolescents. Mipumi developed Looking Good, which contains mini games designed in such a way that players will focus their gaze while they receive MyopiaX’s light stimulation. I was a producer on this project.

the settlers online screenshot

The Settlers Online

Web – Ubisoft & Mipumi Games, 2021
Adobe Flash, the technology that had been powering The Settlers Online for more than ten years, was discontinued in late 2020. Mi’pu’mi Games supported Ubisoft Düsseldorf in preserving the game for its still thriving userbase by porting it to Unity WebGL as well as updating the UI. I was a producer on this project.

The Flower Collectors

PC – Mipumi Games, 2020
Barcelona, 1977. A retired cop who uses a wheelchair witnesses a murder from his balcony and sets out to find the truth with his camera & binoculars. A soul-searching detective mystery with a strong focus on story and diverse cast of characters. I was a producer in the last phase of development, and was also responsible for communications.


iOS & Android – Game Oven, 2014
Bounden is Game Oven’s award-winning, whimsical mobile dancing game for two players, with choreography by the Dutch National Ballet. Doing PR, marketing, and production work during this project taught me a lot! Bounden was covered by many publications, including the New York Times and the Guardian, and won multiple awards.


PC, Mac, Linux – Monogon Games, 2015
Interloper is a fast-paced real-time strategy game with matches that take only 5 minutes. Instead of destroying your opponent, you win by claiming domain. By predicting your opponent’s movements, you corner them to claim the entire map. I did PR & marketing for Interloper as well as managing localization and release on Steam and Humble.

Assumption Generator

PC – G4D Jam Utrecht, 2018
During the Games [4Diversity] Jam 2018, we were inspired by the theme Fuck First Impressions and by talking to Shivan Hassan, who shared how people react to his disease epidermolysis bullosa. We made a game where you create your own comic about awkward situations, to show how unpleasant prejudice can be. I contributed to vision & concept art.

Jelly reef

iOS, Android, Windows Phone – Game Oven, 2015
In Jelly Reef, you play as the ocean. Touch the sea with your fingers and guide jellyfish through a roguelike underwater world. I did PR, marketing, and production for Jelly Reef.



iPhone – Game Oven, 2013
Friendstrap was the first game I worked on at Game Oven: an ice breaker on your phone. Challenge a friend or your date to hold on longer than you and spend hours sharing your deepest secrets, your most shameful moments, your biggest fears, and your favorite memories, with more than 1,000 topics to talk about.

Key Chaos

PC – Global Game Jam Hamar, 2015
During the Global Game Jam, I worked on Key Chaos, a game where you and your friend share a keyboard with randomly changing controls. Race to the goal while figuring out the right keys and stumbling over obstacles. I did character & logo pixel art.

14 Seconds

PC – Train Jam, 2014
During the first Train Jam from Chicago to San Francisco, I tried pixel art for the first time. Inspired by the movie Gravity, 14 Seconds is about an astronaut finding his way back to his space ship. It plays like QWOP and was made together with Adriaan de Jongh & Mikayla Hutchinson, and the voice talent of Kris Graft.


Timetrap Temple

PC – Global Game Jam Utrecht, 2012
During the Global Game Jam 2012, I had my first experience with doing game design. Timetrap Temple is a 2D 4-player action game where you have a limited amount of time. One player has an infinite time amulet and the other players have to chase him to steal the amulet.